Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Site Meter Strange-ness

I use Windows XP and so there are several user accounts on my home computer. Mostly I go on under my own account name, but sometimes, if the kids are already logged on, I go online under their account name. I have my site meter set not to recognize my visits from my computer. I have noticed that if I visit my blog when I'm using another Windows XP account it registers my visit. That's really not that odd I guess because the cookie, or what ever, is probably only on my account.

Here is were the real strange-ness comes in though. When I look at the details for the visit, it lists the visit as coming from Dallas, Texas, and I'm in Troy, Alabama. If it is not me that it is picking up, then someone in Dallas is going to my blog at the exact same time as me every time, which seem more than just unlikely. Does anyone have a reasonable explanation for this? It makes me doubt the reliability of site meter.

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Altoid said...

I would assume it has something to do with your service provider, but I can't be sure.