Tuesday, December 20, 2005

My new toy

Well, I didn't wait til Christmas to get my new toy, a digital camera. I was going to, really I was, but my old camera decided to die unexpectedly. The battery was dead, but when I put in a new battery it still wouldn't work. Oh well, it was a good excuse anyway, right? Here are some of the test pictures I took with it. Not too bad, I think.

A rose bud from my rosebush in the back yard.

My Christmas Tree

My youngest son (who loves to have his picture made).

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Substitute Teaching Sucks!

I've been a substitute teacher before and I've just started back again (today was my first day back). I always hated it, but man it was awful today. I was in one third grade class in the morning and a different third grade class in the afternoon. The one in the afternoon was my son's class, but as previously noted, my son was absent today. I have no doubt that I could teach things to children, but they will not listen to substitute teachers at all! However, one of the other teachers suggested that they don't behave too well for the regular teachers either. The whole experience makes me really want to finish graduate school and move on to something else. Soon!

My Luck Strikes Again

I always say I have lousy luck and today is just another example. We had an appointment to get the van serviced in Montgomery and we had a plumber coming out the house to fix our clogged drain. My youngest son has had an irritated throat all week, but yesterday it seemed to be getting worse instead of better. I told my husband last night that probably this morning our youngest son would be too sick to go to school and they would call me to substitute teach so that either the van wouldn't get serviced or else I wouldn't be able to work. Of course, they called me to substitute teach this morning and my son was too sick to go to school. We had to reschedule the van service and the plumber called and cancelled. Obviously things could be worse, but my luck still sux!

Monday, December 12, 2005


Go check out Heretical Ideas post about the Musical Sandwich. I couldn't agree more. Has the whole marketing industry gone NUTS!?!

"Severe Torture"

An MSNBC and Washington Post article "Abuse cited in 2nd Iraq ministry facility" is citing officials as finding "severe torture". Is it just me or is that a bit redundant? I thought that torture was severe by definition. Does that mean there is such a thing as "acceptable levels" of torture? I certainly hope not.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

I love it!

I must confess, I love this post. I would definitely have to be counted among the graduate students involved.

I got my grades!!!

I'm so happy!!!! I got A's in both of my classes. I was honestly a little worried about my final paper in the terrorism class and my final exam in the history class. Maybe I can survive this grad school thing after all.

Abstinence Only Education

I can't say I'm an advocate of abstinence only sex education. That's the only kind of sex ed I got (it wasn't taught in my school and that's all I got from my mom) and I ended up pregnant at 17. But anyway, this site might change my mind. It's called abstinenceonly.com and it's not what you'd expect if you were looking for a site to help educate your kids on abstinence only. In fact, if you are a real sexual conservative, I'd advice that you move on along without checking out the site at all. However, that being said, if you enjoy irreverent sexual humor, you will LOVE this site! I especially like the pictures in the "anal abstinence" section. Don't worry, they are not pornographic, but they are hilarious.

If you'd like a little more info and opinions on abstinence only education check out Sheri's blog. BTW, she's the one that sent me the link to the site in the first place.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Odd Amazon Ad

Is it my imagination or is this a little odd?Usually stores don't want you to know that they changed the price from $209.99 to $312.90

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I'm Finished!!!

Thank heavens this semester is finally over. I've taken my final exam and my paper has been e-mailed. It feels so good to be finished. If I never have to study revolution and political violence again it will be too soon.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Fun with misheard song lyrics and google searches

Tonight my son mentioned an episode of Friends where phoebe thought that the lyrics to the Elton John song Tiny Dancer actually said "hold me closer Tony Danza." I was at the computer so I decided to Google search the phrase "hold me closer Tony Danza." It took me to this site where I found more misheard song lyrics. Some of which I was familiar with, other were new to me.

I myself had misheard "Excuse me while I kiss the sky" as "excuse me while I kiss this guy" and my husband had misheard "there's a bad moon on the rise" as "there's a bathroom on the right" (and, if fact, we have made a short parody in our house to support that line, but anyway. . .)

A couple new ones to me were "Thirty Watt Bulb" for "Dirty White Boy" by Foreigner and "Careless feelings, got no river..." for "careless feet ain't got no rhythm" in an old Wham song.

But the one that really got me was "oh we are sailing, yes give Jesus pants" but there was not explanation of what the lyrics were supposed to be. I laughed so hard when I read it, I just had to find out what it was supposed to be. So, back to google I went. That seach took me to this site where I found out it was actually lyrics to the John Lennon song "Give Peace a Chance": "All we are saying is 'Give peace a chance'"

I'll add one of my own to the list: Billy Squier's "The Stroke". Until I was an adult, I thought he was saying "stroke man" instead of "stroke me" I wasn't sure what a stroke man was, but I assumed he was saying he was one.

Anybody else got any misheard song lyrics to share?