Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Bizarre News

MSNBC - Three men charged in 'dungeon' castration

That's a headline that will get your attention (and make most men cross their legs). The details are somewhat sketchy, but still quite bizarre.
CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Three men accused of running a sadomasochistic "dungeon" in rural Haywood County were in custody Friday, charged with performing illegal castrations.

Investigators from the office of Sheriff Tom Alexander said the men admitted performing at least eight surgeries on six consenting clients over the past year, including castrations and testicle replacements.
. . .
Investigators said other surgeries performed at the home included urethra rerouting and penis removal.

Yikes! And it gets even stranger
victims may have come from as far away as South America.
You would think they could find someone to do that illegally a little closer to home.

They were charged with
five counts of felonious castration without malice, five counts of felonious conspiracy to commit castration without malice and eight counts of misdemeanor performing medical acts without a license.
Each of the felony charges carries a maximum sentence of three years, three months, Bonfoey said.
Just bizarre.

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