Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Overly confident?

I've been wondering lately if maybe the Democrats are getting a little over confident about the 2008 Presidential election. Last Friday, while having dinner with some friends, the conversation turned to the 2008 election. One person asked another what the chances were that a Democrat wouldn't win in the next election. The response was that the Democrats would definitely win in 2008. In fact, this person went on to say that he thought it would just be wonderful if Obama would just recognize his youth, accept second place and be Hillary Clinton's VP running mate. He went on to suggest that this scenario would practically guarantee 16 years of Democrats in the White House (8 for Hillary and 8 for Obama). This kind of attitude worries me.

I am afraid that too many Democrats may think that any candidate the Democratic Party puts forward will automatically win. After the last election cycle, I am unwilling to think that way. It is true that Bush is much less popular now than he was then, but Bush isn't running.

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