Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cheryl Sabel for Congress - AL District 2

On Monday I attended the candidate forum here at Troy University. Before attending, I didn't even know who was actually seeking to replace our retiring Congressman. It was a long and painful process to listen to a group of politicians all answering the same questions and most all of them giving the exact same answer.

But one candidate really stood out to me. Her name is Cheryl Sabel and she is running for the Democratic nomination for the 2nd Congressional District here in Alabama. If you are interested in voting for a true progressive Democrat on June 3rd, your only choice is Cheryl Sabel. Check out Cheryl Sabel's website at Cheryl Sabel for Congress

I was amazed at how much Bobby Bright did not sound like a Democrat at all. In my opinion, he is at best an Independent in Democrats' clothing. He basically said that if elected he did not intend to caucus with the Democrats. I believe his exact words were "Nancy Pelosi will not tell me what to do." I can understand that congressional representatives sometimes have to vote against their party to do what is in the best interest of the their district and all that, but a comment like that sounds like it should be coming from a Republican not a Democrat.


Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm up in Henry County and am volunteering for Cheryl. I'm glad to see that other folks are starting to recognize her worth. I believe she will make a good representative of our state.

Bluebelle51 said...

In light of recent elections, I voted absentee ballot for Cheryl
I just moved to Geneva county, and was SOOOO glad to see a progressive on the ballot!!!!
I kept seeing ads for repugnicans and wondering, Where are the Dems???
You Go Girl!