Tuesday, October 07, 2008

My current predictions for the electoral outcomes

I was playing around at the NYT website and decided to make a map for the electoral outcomes. These are my meager predictions. Take them for what they are worth, which isn't much. I end up with an Obama win at 293 and McCain with 245. It was tough to decide on most of the toss-up states. I feel like Colorado will go for Obama, but if he only takes Colorado (of the states the NYT deems as toss-ups) then it will end in a tie. That would not be good.

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Altoid said...

It would be fine if it ended in a tie because then the House will decide, and we control the House. I will make mine a little later, but I am all ready having trouble because of the anticipation of a much higher black turnout. If Hillary had been nominated this would be much easier.