Thursday, May 06, 2010

My little "lasagna garden"

Here are some pictures of the little garden I planted this year. I never got around to making one last year, because here at the new house it needs protection from the deer in the neighborhood. This year I built a really deep lasagna garden and put a 5 foot tall fence around it. Hopefully that will be a sufficient deterrent to the deer. Here are pictures of the garden itself and the veggies growing within.

Here is the whole garden

This is my "yummy pepper"

My Sweet 100 tomato

My Husky Cherry (with some tiny tomatoes on it)

My Talladega Tomato

My Big Beef (which isn't very big yet)

A row of cucumbers with a wire trellis for them to grow on.

One hill of the zucchini with three little seedling, just starting to sprout their first true leaves.


Chatty Cathy said...

nice garden so far! I had to give up on a regular garden because my cats seemed to think it was a potty box. I'm using topsy turvys this year.

good luck with ur harvest!

Jan said...

Unfortunately, the only part of the garden that really produced anything was the cucumbers. I had pest problems with my squash and zucchini and the tomatoes didn't seem to take the extreme heat we've had this summer too well. The sweet 100 is still growing and producing some, but the others are long gone. The pepper plant has only produced two or three peppers so far, but it too is still growing and has some little peppers on it. Hopefully the slightly cooler weather will help. We are still in the low 90s around here even thought it is early September.