Saturday, December 16, 2006

What to watch. . .

I'm getting a little tired of the shows I normally watch on T.V. I mostly watch crime dramas and they are just getting so predictable. Every now and then they throw me a curve, but usually I can figure out "whodunit" or what "the twist" is going to be less than half way through the show. Often time I can pick out the guilty party within the first scene where that character appears. It's not quite so interesting as it once was.

I watch some comedies too. I'm getting a little tired of Two and a Half Men, it's just gone way over the top with its raunchiness. I do, however, still love How I Meet Your Mother and The Class.

Anyone got any suggestions of shows I should switch to.

UPDATE: I watched the first episode of Heroes and it was very interesting. I may have to wait for the marathon to see the rest of them. Watching on the computer was problematic.
H/T: Steven


Anonymous said...

If you haven't seen House, its pretty good. And if you like comedy, Gilmore Girls is pretty good. I guess I haven't given up on the crime dramas. I'm still addicted to Law and Order on TNT. I like buying shows on DVD too. I just got the first three seasons of the Mary Tyler Moore show, seeing as how it doesn't come on anymore. I don't like most of what comes on TV anyway, so it's a good way to watch something great.

Steven said...


Battlestar Galactica (but yes, you need to catch up first)

Ugly Betty

Everybody Hates Chris

Doctor Who

Steven said...

That was basically my initial response to the first episode or two. However, by the third ep I was hooked (and so was Sherry).

Jan said...

My sister really likes it too, and she missed the first episode when it first aired. I'm definitely going to give it try.

Steven said...

A couple other shows occurred to me.

One is the PBS Saturday-night reruns of Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minister. No better politically-based sitcom has ever been made.

Also: Eureka on the SciFi Channel is good, light-hearted fun, as is Psyched! on USA along with Monk.