Friday, January 06, 2006

I feel like a circus animal

I spent the day jumping through hoops, or so it seemed. I suddenly decided, near the end of last semester, that I was going to cut my career as a graduate student short and go ahead and graduate. I had originally planned on making this 2-year degree into at least a 4-year exercise, but I decided that I was tired of being a student and was ready to get on with my life (and hopefully a career that earns money instead of costs money). However, due to this sudden change in plans, I now have a considerable amount of paperwork to do that I had originally assumed I 'd have plenty of time to complete. Therefore, I spent my day today getting registered, admitted to candidacy and having my curriculum changed to the 10-course (comp exam) option instead of the 12-course (with thesis) option. Hopefully I'm well on my way to a December 2006 graduation. I still have to file my intent to graduate, but I have until March to do that, so I'll save those hoops for another day.

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