Thursday, September 14, 2006

Irrational Woman - A Year Later

Well, today is my first birthday, or at least my blog's first birthday. I must confess, it's been a bumpy year. There have been periods of fairly regular blogging and months with only one or three posts. It's been fun, but I've found that avid blogging is something I don't really have the time for. I've decided to blog what I want when I want and not worry about how often that is or how many people read it. Maybe some day I'll find my true voice, but for now I'll just keep trudging through.


Lizzy said...

Hey! Mrs. Gill here. Good seeing you today at Wal-Mart. Pay a visit to my blog sometime: I need visitors so that I look popular. ;) See you Sunday!

Altoid said...

No worries love, enjoy it when you do write.

S said...

Happy belated birthday!