Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Not happy with last night's episode of NCIS

Ever since I first started watching NCIS on CBS I've really enjoyed the show. The characters were smart and funny and they had interesting story lines. Unfortunately I haven't been happy with the direction the show has taken lately. I don't particularly like the fact that they have begun to focus so much on terrorism. I also don't like the new recurrent character, Gibb's old boss who retired to Mexico. Anyway, on last night's episode Gibb's old boss, Agent Franks (played by Muse Watson), came back into town because they were investigating a case that was tied to one of his old cases. In order to keep the bad guy locked up Agent Franks lies about having evidence, knocks out Tony in an effort to get out of protective custody, and ultimately shoots one of the bad guys in cold blood (after he had laid down his weapon). For all you can tell at the end, they just let him go back to Mexico like nothing happened.

In my opinion, this is just sending the message that the system doesn't work so we should all turn into vigilantes. I don't think that is a responsible message. I know that shows sometimes send that message, but that's not the impression I've gotten from this show in the past and I hope it doesn't become a predominant theme. If it does, I guess there will be one less hour of TV I watch per week. Which ultimately wouldn't be such a bad thing, I guess.


Muse Watson said...

i'm sorry you didn't enjoy NCIS last tuesday night. i can't dissagree with any of the moral issues you bring up...although i do get to the point sometimes when the "lines become blurred" so much i must confess i could be entertained by hearing about a guy who is willing to break his own rules to save thousands of "American soldiers and Marines". i also feel that Franks would be willing to pay for what he did....and i, as the actor who played him, am willing to film his trial, if it makes you feel any better.

Muse Watson

Jan said...

After writing this post, it did occur to me that they might eventually go down that road (trying Franks). I guess I'll just have to wait and see.