Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Irony Anyone?

I was in Wal-Mart today and I saw a woman wearing a Dixie Traditions t-shirt that I just found ironic. Here is a picture of the logo.

If it is an American pride t-shirt, why say Dixie and 1861?
If it's a southern/Confederate pride t-shirt the reference to defending freedom is just ironic and wrong.

It just seems to me that if this is supposed to represent one side or the other of the Civil War, it seems like a Northern Pride shirt more than a Southern Pride shirt. However, the site bills itself as a "southern redneck" t-shirt site.

Ironic. . .or maybe it's just me.

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Steven Taylor said...

No, it not just you.

The association with Dixie and the American flag is ironic in and of itself, not to mention the linkage of the "traditions" of Dixie with being a "defender of freedom".

There is an argument that the usage now is divorced in the minds of the user from the past. However, I think that ignores the sins of the past.