Friday, September 16, 2005

Hogeboom on Survivor

Former Dallas Cowboy quarterback Gary Hogeboom is a contestant on the newest installment of Survivor, Survivor Guatemala. He's hiding his true identity from his fellow survivors for fear that they will vote him out if they knew he was a former NFL player. He assured viewers, however, that he played before the day of high dollar contracts.

UPDATE: Although I have been unable to find Hogeboom's actual salary information, I did find some general salary info for the period in which he played (1981-1989).
• The 1982 strike resulted in the average salary for average player salaries rise from $120,000 in 1982 to $244,000 in 1987.

Also of note to Troy views, hometown boy Bobby Jon Drinkard has come back to try again at the title of sole survivor. Maybe he'll have better luck this time.

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