Thursday, March 01, 2007

Heroes Theory (Simone Edition)

I meant to post this Monday night but forgot to. Right or wrong, I wanted to post it before the next episode on Monday, so here goes.

In the scenes from next week, they showed Simone standing up and saying something to the effect of "Are you gonna shoot me again." This would seem to indicate that she was not so injured by what initially appeared to be a fatal gunshot wound from Isaac's gun on last week's episode.

Here is my theory. Since we already have Claire with the ability to regenerate, I doubt that they would give Simone that same power, or a power so similar. My guess is that Peter has the power to heal other people, a power that he most likely picked up from his encounter with Silar, and Simone does not actually have a power of her own. That is my guess, now we just have to watch to find out if I'm right or wrong.

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