Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Mickey D's goes Angus

CNN Money reports - McDonald's tests a bigger burger, report says
Fast-food chain trying out a high-end, one-third of a pound Angus beef burger priced at $3.99, according to newspaper.

[. . .]

The Chicago Tribune said the new Third Pounder is currently available only in about 600 restaurant locations in Southern California. At one-third of a pound, the burger is the biggest on the McDonald's (Charts) menu at outlets where it is being tested.

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Only the double Quarter Pounder with cheese compares to the calorie count of the new burgers. The Angus Third Pounder ranges from 720 calories to 860 calories, while the double Quarter Pounder contains 740 calories. McDonald's signature sandwich, the Big Mac, is 540 calories, the report said.
Angus burgers really don't do anything for me personally. I'm really just not that fond of Angus beef. And really, the only reason it merits a blog post is to ask this question:
Wouldn't a double Quarter Pounder be a half pound of meat (precooked weight, I'm sure), at least in theory? Isn't a half pound larger than a third of a pound? So how is this new burger the biggest on the menu? If there are flaws in my logic, feel free to point them out.

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