Thursday, April 05, 2007

From an Iranian perspective

The BBC has some brief comments from some Iranians on the street about the capture and release of the British sailors. These comments seem to generally confirm the ideas I already had about the whole situation. For example:
"It's very interesting! Passing through VIP lounge with suits and gifts!

On the other side of the Atlantic they dress them in orange clothes, blindfolded and shackled while being threatened by dogs.
By releasing the sailors the way they did, I felt like they were trying to hold themselves up as an example of civility and humane treatment of prisoners, in contrast to the view the world has of US-held prisoners at Guantanamo.

And there is also the issue of British/Iranian history at work here:
There is a long way to go in the relationship between Britain and Iran. This crisis has been resolved but there is a lot of fence-mending to do.

I think we need an urgent review of British policy in Iran.
There is a long history of animosity between the British and the Iranians and I am sure that played into this whole affair.

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