Monday, April 30, 2007

Our trip to the Renaissance Faire

On Saturday we attended a wedding at the Georgia Renaissance Faire. It was a nice little hand tying ceremony followed by feast complete with turkey legs. After the wedding festivities we wandered the fairgrounds for quite a while. We had never been to a Renaissance Festival before and it was a fun experience. In fact, my geekiness quotient (see comment #1) was raised by the trip because I actually wore a period costume the whole time I was there.

It was interesting being in costume. It seemed particularly like the people who worked there treated me differently because I was in costume. I think that maybe they assumed I was somehow more likely to buy something. I don't know, but I was frequently addressed as "My Lady". Here is a picture of me in costume at the faire (the outer sleeves are detachable so I didn't wear them most of the time).

I got several complements on my dress. My mother and I actually made it. It was quite time consuming and much more expensive than I had originally expected. I can understand why the merchants charge as much as they do for the clothing they sell. My dress would be worth about $100 in materials, plus a week's pay. Ouch!

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