Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Jeri Kehn Brouhaha

The blogosphere is a-buzz over Fred Dalton Thompson entering the presidential race and the fact that his wife is 24 years younger than him and attractive. The first picture that I saw of the two of them together was rather shocking. In fact, she looked about 24 years old instead of simply 24 years younger than Thompson. Here is the photo (Via Poliblog)

I decided to search around and see if I could find some other photos to get a better idea of whether or not this was a truly representative picture of what they normally looked like together, or if it was more of an anomaly. These are the other pictures I found.

Found at Free Republic

Their wedding photo via World Net Daily

Found at Hyscience

To me, the original picture I saw is the most shocking of them all. In the bottom picture she looks more like she should be a young intern in his office than his wife. However, in some of the other pictures they look like a darn well normal couple. I feel like, if she goes out on the campaign trail with him, there is no reason to assume that they won't look like a relatively normal couple, if she makes any effort what-so-ever to cultivate an age-appropriate look. She is 40 for heaven sake. It's not like he is really robbing the cradle. However, I don't plan to vote in the Republican Primary anyway, so my opinion matters very little in this whole debate anyway. So anyway, I have gathered the photo evidence that I could find. You decide if it is problematic or not.


Steven Taylor said...

There's also this one (which makes me think of Evita): click.

The first one that you posted clearly makes her look the youngest.

Of course, she looks like his daughter in all of the photos.

Still, is this a make or break issue? Hardly--I think more than anything that the situation (and the mini-uproar) underscores that the public really doesn't know as much about Thompson as they think they do.

And in races where a percentage point here or there can matter, who knows what might set off a specific slice of voters?

S said...

If she is 40, I want the name of her surgeon for future reference.

nan a. said...

Why is this even an issue? In this date and time, this is a non-issue. Look around you, friends and family..you probably know or ar kin to, someone with a 'non traditional' marriage. Who even cares? We should be more concerned with his politics than who he loves and is married to. Let them be. She is very pretty and he must be some kind of man to get someone who looks like that!

jef said...

Only because he is running for the Presidency is it such an issue for me.
First impression: old fool chasing younger woman which indicates basic male albeit bad internal decision making process.
Second impression: rich old fool who fell for clever and attractive gold digger.
Third impression: Not the kind of man I would have confidence in when it came to tough decisions.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. And you probably voted for Clinton too. :-) All these stupid comments judging a man by the women she marries. What is your opinion of a woman like Hillary who continues to be married to a philanderer? My point is you just CANNOT judge a person by their spouse or partner. You idiots must have an old ugly spouse and are just plain jealous! Ha-ha.

Chuck said...

I was once told by a fantastic sales manager that when he would interview potential sales people, he would arrange to have dinner with the potential employee and their significant other.

This sales manager was very successful in hiring good sales people. He said his main secret was if the spouse or significant other was attractive and well spoken then the potential employee must be good at sales.

Running for President and getting people to work towards your ideas takes an incredible amount of sales training.

My two comments for Fred - you must be a good sales person, and congratulations, you married well.