Thursday, June 21, 2007

The last thing I would want to see

All the talk about Bloomberg making an independent bid for President brings to mind a possible scenario: All three candidates in the general election being technically from New York. That would be, as the title of this post states, the last thing I would want to see (and I agree with MSS's comment over at Poliblog that it is something of an unlikely scenario).

While MSS (Matthew Shugart, head orchardist over at Fruits and Votes) suggests in the above linked comment that Hillary will likely be the Democratic candidate, I can only hope that he is wrong. I have never liked Hillary, even when she was first lady. I loved Bill, but disliked Hillary. And while I would prefer to see someone more experienced than either Obama or Edwards get the nomination, I would certainly prefer for either of them to get the nomination over Hillary Clinton.

On the Republican side of things, I agree that Giulliani is not the most likely candidate to win the nomination. I can't imagine that he holds too much appeal in the Republican base, other than his stance on the Iraq war. It would seem that his appeal as the hero of 9/11 could only take him so far in light of his other positions, like on social issues for example.

Bloomberg, of course, doesn't stand a chance of winning, but could draw votes from either side that is dissatisfied with their party's choice of candidate, or so it would seem to me.

As a side note, I wonder if Ron Paul will jump in the fray as a Libertarian candidate again if he doesn't win the Republican nomination.

We definitely need to change our electoral rules in this country. Direct popular vote with a majority requirement would be much preferable.

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