Saturday, June 16, 2007

Take a look at Ron Paul

Via WaPo - An Also-Ran in the GOP Polls, Ron Paul Is Huge on the Web
On Technorati, which offers a real-time glimpse of the blogosphere, the most frequently searched term this week was "YouTube."

Then comes "Ron Paul."

The presence of the obscure Republican congressman from Texas on a list that includes terms such as "Sopranos," "Paris Hilton" and "iPhone" is a sign of the online buzz building around the long-shot Republican presidential hopeful -- even as mainstream political pundits have written him off.

Rep. Ron Paul is more popular on Facebook than Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.). He's got more friends on MySpace than former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney. His MeetUp groups, with 11,924 members in 279 cities, are the biggest in the Republican field. And his official YouTube videos, including clips of his three debate appearances, have been viewed nearly 1.1 million times -- more than those of any other candidate, Republican or Democrat, except Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.).
From the little bit that I watched of the Republican debate, Ron Paul was my favorite GOP candidate, but I suppose that is somewhat understandable considering the fact that I'm not a Republican. My recent encounter with some paleo-conservatives over at Conservative Heritage Times, and the fact that they seem to like Ron Paul, gave me some misgivings about him however. This article has some good information on where Paul stand on some of the issue.

I found this quote from the article particularly interesting
"At first I was skeptical of his increasing online presence, thinking that it's probably just a small cadre of dedicated Ron Paul fans," said Matt Lewis, a blogger and director of operations at Townhall, a popular conservative site. "But if you think about it, the number one issue in the country today is Iraq. If you're a conservative who supports the president's war, you have nine candidates to choose from. But if you're a conservative who believes that going into Iraq was a mistake, Ron Paul is the only game in town."
Since I'm not a Republican, I have a whole field to choose from, but if I had to have a Republican, I think I'd rather have a Libertarian leaning Republican.


Randall said...

Who IS Ron Paul? They still need to know!!
NOBODY explains Ron Paul
BETTER than Ron Paul himself!

Here is an interactive audio archive of
Ron Paul speeches and interviews as a resource in chronological

The power of mainstream media and why the US has “blowback” is well documented in this 2003 film.
It will rock your world(view).

Anonymous said...

Go Ron Paul! Go Ron Paul! God Bless Ron Paul! Ron Paul for President 2008!

Ron Paul in CNN debate on June 5, 2007!

“In the time of universal deceit, telling the truth
is a revolutionary act” GEORGE ORWELL