Monday, October 17, 2005

Rocky Returns?

MSNBC is reporting that Sylvester Stallone finally has the go ahead to make "Rocky Balboa", a sixth installment in the Rocky movie series.
Stallone has been trying to make a sixth movie for years and has been reworking a script. The latest version, which sources said is similar to the tone and grit of the first two movies, persuaded the studios to negotiate a deal.

One has to ask, does the world really need a new Rocky movie? I must admit that I stopped watching after Rocky IV (the one where he fought the Russia guy). And apparently I wasn't alone:
It also launched one of the most successful film series of all time. 1979’s “Rocky II” grossed $85 million, and 1982’s “Rocky III,” which featured Mr. T, grossed $120.2 million. “Rocky IV,” with Dolph Lundgren, made $125.4 million after its 1985 release. By the decade’s close, however, audiences seemed to have tired of the character. “Rocky V,” released in 1990, made only $40 million.

It sounds like it could be an interesting movie if it is played right, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see. I, for one, will not be going to see it in the theaters.


S said...

What are they going to do? Throw their AARP membership cards at each other?

Jan said...

Really, Sly is 59 years old for heaven's sake.

Steven Taylor said...

Shouldn't the subtitle be: "The George Foreman Story"?