Thursday, January 11, 2007

And what you didn't hear last night. . .

Via the NYT - Bush Adds Troops in Bid to Secure Iraq

The article reveals:
“If the Iraqi government does not follow through on its promises, it will lose the support of the American people and it will lose the support of the Iraqi people,” Mr. Bush declared.

He put it far more bluntly when leaders of Congress visited the White House earlier on Wednesday. “I said to Maliki this has to work or you’re out,” the president told the Congressional leaders, according to two officials who were in the room. Pressed on why he thought this strategy would succeed where previous efforts had failed, Mr. Bush shot back: “Because it has to.”
Yeah, that's democracy at work at Iraq and rational thinking on the part of the President.

H/T: Ratoe in a comment at Poliblog

The article also pointed out:
But on the same page, the report warned that “adding more American troops could conceivably worsen those aspects of the security problem that are fed by the view that the United States presence is intended to be a long-term ‘occupation.’ ”
It seems to me that if the idea is to clear the area of insurgents, maintain the area, and rebuild the area, that is going to require long term occupation. Sometimes what it looks like is what it actually is.

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