Friday, January 26, 2007

Can I have your autograph Mr. President?

I found an interesting post over at The American Mind: Congressmen as Autograph Hounds and Groupies
After President Bush’s State of the Union speech a few Congressmen acted quite un-Congressman-like. President Bush walked out of the House of Representatives only to be barraged with requests for autographs. It’s like grown men and women were at baseball Spring Training begging players to sign their baseballs and cards.
I've never paid that much attention to the President leaving the House floor before, so I can't say with certainty if it is normal of the SOTU Address or not, but it certainly struck me as odd when I saw it.

The post also points out the behavior of Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann;
she attached her hand to President Bush’s shoulder and wouldn't let go for 30+ seconds. It appears she was using her “schoolgirl-crush moment” to try to get a photograph with Bush. But it also looked like she was too close to a person she has a deep crush on. She ended up kissing the President in a way that would make Laura flare slightly.
I must have missed the kiss, but I definitely noticed the shoulder holding move. I was beginning to wonder if she was ever going to let him go. The article links to a clip of the incident if you are interested in seeing it.

After viewing the clip, the kiss didn't seem that different from the person who kissed him just before her, but combined with the whole shoulder-holding thing it did seem very odd in total.

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