Sunday, January 21, 2007

Manning gets his first Super Bowl

Manning caps Colts' title game comeback
A comeback, a drive, a legacy. And, yes - finally - Peyton Manning gets his Super Bowl trip. So does Tony Dungy.

Football's most prolific quarterback put on a show for the ages Sunday, rallying the Indianapolis Colts from 18 points down and driving them 80 yards for the winning score in a wildly entertaining 38-34 victory over the New England Patriots.
It was quite an exciting game. I went into the game not really pulling for either team, but before it was all over I was definitely anxious to see the Colts win it. The reasons:
1) I love to see a good comeback.
2) The Patriots have been to the Super Bowl too many times recently.
3) I wanted to see Manning get his much awaited Super Bowl.
4) I like the idea of both teams in the Super Bowl having an African American coach.

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