Tuesday, January 16, 2007

How is Castro doing?

Well, apparently it is unclear exactly what his health status is at the moment.

BBC - Castro 'worse after failed ops'
The odd thing to me is that no where in the story does it say where that quote is exactly from. It does say:
Ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro is in a serious condition after three failed operations, a Spanish newspaper says.

President Castro - who has temporarily handed power to his brother Raul - is suffering from a serious intestinal infection, the report in El Pais says.
The article continues on to give details of Castro's surgeries and condition (which I won't quote because it is sorta gross, but you can read the article for yourself if you'd like), but ends with the assertion 'No change', stating that the Spanish surgeon who attended to Castro in December says that his prognosis has not changed.

Whether one goes with the "worse" or the "no change" assessment of the situation, reading the details of his condition really makes it sound BAD.

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