Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Helping the homeless in France

BBC News - French bill to fight homelessness
The French cabinet has adopted a bill to create a legal right to housing, after a series of high-profile protests by campaigners.

The demonstrations prompted President Jacques Chirac to promise action in his New Year's address.

If approved by parliament, the bill will legally oblige local authorities to provide accommodation for the homeless from the end of next year.

People facing eviction or living in squalid conditions will also be helped.

The bill would also create a new repatriation and resettlement package to allow immigrants with no family ties in France to return home.
I'm all for a right to housing. I feel like if we call what live in "civilization" we should provide for the less fortunate. If we don't, can we really call ourselves civilized or are we just living by the law of the jungle.

This was not the thing that particularly struck me about this article. It was the last sentence of the blockquote above that really caught my attention. The "repartiation and resettlement package" makes me wonder. Is this an excuse to deport people or is it really just help for those that want to return to their home country? The article really doesn't say. It is just kinda stuck in there. It makes the deal seem all progressive and liberal, but I wonder if there is an ulterior motive attached.

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