Monday, January 08, 2007

New York Stinks and no one knows why

CNN - Mystery smell settles over Manhattan
New York officials evacuated a number of buildings and shut down some trains after a mysterious gaslike odor was reported Monday.
. . .
Authorities are investigating the source of the smell. Several buildings were evacuated, and the PATH commuter trains along the Sixth Avenue line were temporarily suspended. The odor had no effect on subway service in the city.

Utility company officials said a comprehensive search found no gas leaks.

Steven Jones of the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management said officials were looking at facilities involved in the production of mercaptan, the chemical additive put in otherwise odorless natural gas to gives it a "rotten egg" smell.

Hopefully the authorities are right and there is actually no danger from the smell. However, you have to admit it is a little funny to hear that New York City smells like rotten eggs.

It does seem somewhat odd to me that there could be something causing a smell so pervasive that it can be smelled all the way to Jersey and no one knows what is causing it. It does make one lack confidence in the their ability to secure the area from an actual airborne attack, or even locate it if there were to be one.

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