Friday, January 19, 2007

Is Corn Oil Deadly?

Apparently it can be if it is injected into one's buttocks. CNN reports: Beautician gets 15 years for deadly Mazola injection
A former beautician who injected cooking oil into a woman's buttocks as an anti-aging treatment, killing the client, has been sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Martha Mata Vasquez, 39, who pleaded no contest in October to involuntary manslaughter, practicing medicine without a license and fraud, apologized during Wednesday's sentencing hearing.

"I'm very sorry to my family, and I'm sorry to them (the victims and their families)," the married mother of two said.

Vasquez had charged clients up to $1,400 for each injection of Mazola corn oil, claiming the "French polymer" treatment would reduce wrinkles, prosecutors said.
One has to wonder, why did she use Mazola corn oil? Did she really believe that it would do something beneficial for the these people? Did she just think that if you could consume it you could inject it? What is wrong with some people?

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