Sunday, February 11, 2007

Geez, he even gets international attention

BBC News - Australia head slams US candidate
Australian Prime Minister John Howard has claimed US presidential hopeful Barack Obama's stance on Iraq will benefit those seeking to destroy it.

Mr Obama, currently a Democrat senator, said that US troops should withdraw from the troubled nation next year.

Mr Howard said al-Qaeda should be "praying as many times as possible" for an Obama victory in the 2008 elections.

But Mr Obama reacted by saying Australia should increase its troops in Iraq, if Mr Howard was so concerned.
I can just hear the Republican ads now:
"Obama sounds like Osama . . ."

At this stage of the game, what difference does it make to Australia what one Democratic candidate thinks about Iraq, even if he is also a Senator? I can see other countries weighing in on the campaign once we are down to the general election, but what's up with making a big deal out of it now?

I did like Obama's come back line, though. Sort of a "put up or shut up" kinda thing.

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