Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Power of Greed?

CNN - Father of Smith's baby may get less than hoped
Men are lining up to claim they are the father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby. But they could be mistaken if they think paternity will automatically mean a pot of gold.

Instead, they could be stepping into a monumentally complex, multinational legal fight over the child. Moreover, it is not at all clear whether the little girl is a million-dollar baby, as some seem to think.
I feel sorry for this baby girl. She will never know her mother and now men are lining up to claim her just to get money. It is quite sad. I hope she will end up with someone who really will care about her and not just her money.

If anyone out there is thinking it's not about the money, this statement really sums it up:
"The other motive is money. You wonder if so many fathers would be coming forward if this was a child born in a tenement on the south side of Chicago."
Speaking from experience, they wouldn't.

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