Friday, February 09, 2007

Twisting the facts

BBC News - Pentagon 'twisted Iraq findings'
The Democratic chairman of the US Senate Armed Services Committee has suggested intelligence was twisted in the run-up to the war in Iraq.

[. . .]

Under repeated questioning by Sen Levin, Mr Gimble said the conclusions reached in reports by Mr Feith were not fully supported by the available intelligence.

'Relationship' unproven

In particular, his conclusion there was a "mature and symbiotic relationship" between Iraq and al-Qaeda could not be justified on the basis of the available intelligence.

And an alleged meeting between an Iraqi intelligence officer and a leader of the 9/11 attacks, Mohamed Atta, never took place.
This comes as no major surprise. I assumed they were twisting evidence from the beginning.

Update: After reading a post over at Poliblog on a similar article from the Washington Post, I was inspired to point out the lame excuse used in this article:
Mr Feith told the inspector general his reports never pretended to be intelligence assessments, the report's executive summary says.

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