Monday, February 05, 2007

The Super Bowl Proposal that wasn't

For those of you out there wondering what happened to that guy that was going to propose during the Super Bowl, here's the story: SUPER BOWL LEFTOVERS: WHAT ABOUT THAT PROPOSAL?
Everyone wants to know what happened with the man who was going to propose marriage in a SuperBowl ad.'s Allison Linn talked to the groom-to-be and got the latest. No, he didn't propose during the game, since an ad cost $2 million and his online pledge campaign only reached $75,000. But he's planning to give it a shot during Tuesday's "Veronica Mars" episode. He's keeping his hometown a secret for now, so most of us are unlikely to see it. You can follow his quest at
Oh well, love may conquer all, but money makes the world go around.

Aside: The funny thing about this post is that I was just talking to my sister on the phone and she was saying she never did hear anything about the proposal when I noticed that someone doing a yahoo search had found my site looking for that very information. At that point, I hadn't found the answer or blogged about it yet, but I was the #1 result on the search. Search engines are so screwy.

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