Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Richardson for President

For those of you who are interested in more information about Bill Richardson, his qualification for being president, and his current campaign, check out his official campaign website - Bill Richardson for President. Considering the fact that I'm not too thrilled with Hillary, I think Obama is waaaay too inexperienced, and my enthusiasm for Edwards has wained considerably since the last presidential election, I hope that Richardson can find a way to garner more media attention in the months to come. I think he is probably the best candidates the Democrats have in the race right now.


ArtieLange said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I consider it a diet of Hostess Twinkees when compared to the food pyramid of current events offered here.

One thing: I never called your blog or its lack of comments pathetic. I just think it is ironic that you would solicit advice from a bunch of cyber-lurkers who nary say a peep.

Lastly, I am a Bill Richardson fan, too. He may not win the primaries, but he certainly merits consideration. If you can get past Los Alamos, which turned out not to be the big deal it was first assumed to be, he brings a lot of demographic power--Hispanic, connection to the Mountain States in a year when the convention is in Denver. He also has International and Energy experience...two of the most important issues right now.

If he doesn't do something stupid and if he shows he can handle the slander and libel, I'd say he is odds on for VP.

Jan said...

I take your point, on the pathetic comment. That was my own assessment. The funny thing is that a little while back I had asked for advice on what to watch on t.v. and had received several suggestions. I simply assumed that blog reader would have at least as much opinion on computers as they had on t.v. shows. Go figure.

As to Richardson, I'm still hoping he can do be better than VP, but VP could be a great position to spring from in the future if the Dems can win it all this time.

ArtieLange said...

I say VP, only becaue he will have a huge problem putting together an organization and raising money in Hillary and Obama's shadows. He needs to disnace himself, a high third in primaries and caucuses, from the other candidates. Only then will he gain attention and momentum. I think it was Bill Bradley who said the most important question in electoral politics is "compared to whom?" If he gets a chance to be comapred to the big two (I'm leaving Gore out of the equation), He main gain even more traction.

Question: will early primaries in CA, NJ, etc, thin the field earlier than in the past?

Jan said...

I feel like it could thin the field if there is a clear and consistant winner. So often voters tend to be followers.