Saturday, February 17, 2007

Prince Harry may be headed for Iraq

CNN - Report: Prince Harry due in Iraq
Prince Harry, a 2006 graduate of Britain's prestigious Sandhurst military academy, will soon go to Iraq with his military unit, a British military source told CNN.

The posting to Iraq, something Prince Harry has been actively seeking since being commissioned, is expected in April or May, the unidentified military source told CNN.

[. . .]

His father, Prince Charles, was a pilot with the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy. Harry's grandfather, Prince Philip, had a distinguished career in the Royal Navy. Harry's uncle, Prince Andrew, was a Royal Navy pilot and served in the Falklands War against Argentina.

As the second in line to the British crown, Harry's older brother, William -- while also a military officer -- is not eligible for combat service.
People often joke, or maybe not really joke, about the fact that Bush is not willing to send his twin daughters to Iraq. Obviously the British royal tradition of military service has survived quite well.

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